At Seacoast Canine, we pride ourselves on being problem solvers. Every dog and owner have unique needs which we strive to meet with an individual training, exercise, and pet care plan. So if you need help turning your devil dog into man’s best friend, look no further!

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The first step is deciding how involved you want to be in the training process.

Dog Sitting

Are you a ‘do it yourself’ dog owner? You love learning about dog behavior and working through an issue yourself. You have the time and energy to put into getting the job done and love the feeling of accomplishment that comes with tackling a project head on! Well then, in-home private lessons may be for you; this traditional style of training is better described as professional coaching. During scheduled training sessions, the trainer will talk you through how to teach your dog and demonstrate the technique one step at a time. Success will depend upon your ability to dedicate practice time between sessions so that your dog stays on track for success.

Or are you an ‘on the go’ owner? You are already trying to fit a million things into any given day. As much as you love your dog and want them to be well behaved, the idea of daily practice sessions makes your head spin. Day training is the solution for you! Several days each week a trainer will come to your home and practice with your dog- moving them through the training process quickly and efficiently. At regular intervals the trainer and owner will meet for ‘transfer sessions’ to ensure your dog’s new skills will stick around once the trainer is gone. This program has proven to be fast and effective and has become our most popular choice!

Need to see change fast? Let a professional do the work while you enjoy the benefits! Board and Training is available on a case-by-case basis. Are you going away and want your dog to make the most of their time apart? A board and train may be the solution for you! Think boot camp meets summer camp and you’re on the right track; these lucky dogs come live with the trainer for 1-3 weeks of all day, every day training. Exercise and socialization are built into the program so that your dog is having a great time while making huge strides in the training process. Follow-up sessions with the family are included!

Don’t want to break the bank? We offer a variety of small group obedience classes ranging from puppy through advanced obedience and therapy dog evaluation. Classes cover age appropriate topics and help your dog learn good behavior at any age. Visit our Facebook page to see the dates and times of upcoming classes!

Not sure which option is right for you? Get in touch to set up a consultation! This is an opportunity for a trainer to see your dog in an environment they are comfortable in while giving us humans a chance to discuss the training options and establish goals.



While dogs are social animals, not all of them are cut out for large group-play settings; they may find that stressful, overwhelming, or overstimulating. Many dogs prefer to socialize in a smaller pack with dogs they are familiar with. Other dogs may enjoy daycare but need something else for their in-between days. Whether your dog is a social butterfly or more particular, we can find a group for them! Options include:

Off Leash Pack Walks: $25 Our canine CPR and first aid certified dog walkers pick your dog up from home (along with 3-4 of their pals) and hit the local trails for an hour of hard running and playing off leash. While we can’t promise they’ll come home clean, these pups are always tired at the end of a pack walk! Note: Training is required for dogs to join pack walks unless already reliable off leash.

On Leash Solo Walks: $15 Like humans, some dogs are just more independent. Older dogs, fearful dogs, and aggressive dogs all deserve to get out for walks within their comfort zone. Leash walks are 30 minutes and give your pup a chance to stretch their legs and enjoy one on one attention.

Our team works hard to not only give the dogs an outlet for their physical energy, but also to wear them out mentally. We strive to improve each dog’s behavior and prevent bad habits from forming even when playing or walking. So if your dog needs more exercise or socialization, get in touch to schedule your free consult today. We would love to help you and your dog get their energy out in a structured, safe, and fun way!

Pet Care

Dog Sitting

As fun as a vacation may be, it’s always hard to leave your dog behind. Many dogs don’t enjoy boarding or need more attention than they can get in a large facility. Instead, keep your dog in a low stress, high fun environment and give yourself peace of mind that they are being well cared for.

Seacoast Canine offers three pet care options:

1. Your furry friends (we like other animals too!) get to stay at home in their normal routine with one of our staff members. You have the benefit of a house and pet sitter in one!

2. Lower maintenance pets can stay home while a pet sitter makes three or more visits to the house each day for potty breaks, meals, and some one-on-one attention.

3. Tell your pup to pack a bag- they’re heading to a pet sitter’s house for a sleepover! These dogs must be friendly and social with other dogs and people, since nobody likes a party crasher!

About Us


Office Manager & Trainer

Dory is the Office Manager and one of the trainers at Seacoast Canine. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Behavior from the University of New England and years of experience training dogs, cats, birds, and even tigers using clickers! Dory teaches group classes and private lessons using science based training methods to improve the dog’s behavior and the relationship between an owner and their dog. Dory is a Certified Pet Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) through the CCPDT and an AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator.

Dory loves working with all dogs, but has a soft spot for rescues! Over the last 10 years, Dory has worked and volunteered for animal shelters and rescue groups from Maine to Florida, and is now a volunteer for the Merrimack River Feline Rescue. Dory and her husband, Drew, have fostered more than 100 dogs, cats, and kittens! They currently live with their 3 rescue dogs, 4 rescue cats, and their newest addition, a human baby named Liam!



Jenny Ford is the human behind Seacoast Canine. She has earned a bachelor's degree in Animal Behavior from the University of New England, where she learned training methods based on science and supported by research. Jenny has worked in boarding kennels, dog day cares, and animal shelters, practicing her skills with dogs of all shapes, sizes, and personalities. She has even worked with tigers!

As a Certified Pet Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) through the CCPDT and a professional member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, Jenny makes a point to continue her education through seminars and reading current research on dog behavior. She recently fulfilled her dream of buying a farm where she lives with her dogs Skye, Forrest Gump, and Pippin as well as various farm animals.



Erika is one of the dog trainers at Seacoast Canine. She had always wanted to be a dog trainer and after taking her dog, Gregg, through their first group class in 2004 they were hooked! Erika started volunteering at and eventually working for local non-profit service dog organization in 2008. While working with service dogs she also worked with a pet dog trainer and fell in love with teaching group classes. After several years with service dogs it was time to peruse a career in training pet dogs and their owners.

She especially loves teaching puppy classes, preparing new owners for life with a puppy, and recall classes. Erika is currently working towards her BA in Psychology.  As a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and the Pet Professional Guild, her focus is on continuing education and kind training practices. She is a Certified Professional Dog trainer through the CCPDT, a certified Canine Good Citizen (CGC) instructor/evaluator, as well as a certified Trick Dog Instructor through Do More with Your dog. In her time away from Seacoast Canine she also grooms dogs and the occasional cat! She shares her life with her very patient fiancé, Earl the Australian Cattle dog and Sundee the retired Labrador service dog. 



Monique, an animal behaviorist, has had a passion for animals for her entire life. She has worked with animals of all types and in many fashions over the years, from veterinary technology to teaching environmental education classes for the Massachusetts Audubon Society to volunteering with various rescue organizations. She holds a Master of Science in Applied Animal Behavior & Animal Welfare and studied Psychology as an undergraduate. She's worked with and trained under some of the most well known veterinary behaviorists in New England. Monique is an Associate Certified Dog Behavior Consultant through the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants; a Certified Professional Dog Trainer through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers and is a professional member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers. Monique stays current in her memberships by frequently attending conferences and seminars, earning continuing education units. Monique has had dogs and many cats over the years, but currently has two nephews who she loves dearly - a terrier mix named Rambo and a blue nose pitbull named Pluto.


Trainer's Apprentice

Matt is an apprentice dog trainer at Seacoast Canine. Growing up alongside bullmastiffs, dogs have always been a huge part of his life, both literally and figuratively. His passion for animals has driven him throughout the years, first working with birds, on a bird banding stations, and now with dogs at Seacoast Canine. He is a graduate of the University of New England. Matt leads many of the off leash group walks, petsits, and assists with training classes.


Pet Caretaker

Chris is a Dog Sitter and Temporary In-Home Pet Caretaker (AKA dog sitter). The best part of the job for him, aside from the fresh air and exercise, is getting to play with so many different dogs. It’s like having a dozen pets without nearly as much mess! Chris also handles some of the behind-the-scenes details to help keep the chaos at bay. One thing is certain; all the dogs love Chris!


Pet Caretaker

Wendy is a pet caretaker at Seacoast Canine. She is a California native who now resides in Massachusetts with her kids, Ari and Aaron, and their adopted cats Midnight and Chesnut. Wendy received her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from Biola University. Growing up Wendy was surrounded by dogs and cats and absolutely loved spending time with them! After working many years in the banking industry and medical field, she decided to make a change. Caring for and walking dogs and cats brings her great joy! In her free time, Wendy enjoys hiking, photography, creative writing, and video games. She plays the clarinet, bass clarinet, and piano; and is a member of the Merrimack Valley Concert Band


Pet Caretaker

Jodie was born and raised in New York. Her love of dogs began at a very young age, always intrigued by her dad’s natural ability to train their family dogs. Jodie moved to Boston to complete her master’s degree, then married and raised a family of her own- who all share that same passion for dogs. After working many years as a social worker and in special education, she decided to combine her passion with her occupation. She helped to train service dogs for a non-profit organization - an experience she describes as incredibly gratifying! From that, she decided to start her own business. For many years, Jodie owned and operated a small dog-service business in the Chelmsford area, until relocating to Newburyport. Quickly, she connected with Jenny and her team, impressed by Seacoast Canine’s wide range of services. She fell in love with the area –with its many open spaces, fields, trails, beach, and downtown. Walking is a favorite pastime of Jodie’s – sharing that with dogs only makes it better. Whether it’s solo walks or in groups, in the city or a woodsy trail – Jodie and her crew get lots of exercise, practice their manners, and have a blast! Jodie is also happy to welcome dogs into her home when their families head out of town.


Pet Caretaker

Arianna is a day camp attendant and petsitter for Seacoast Canine. She has been working with dogs since high school. Ari has two cats that were adopted from the MSPCA. In her spare time Ari enjoys playing ukuele, singing, and painting.


Pet Caretaker

Cathy currently live in Rocks Village with her husband Brian, their three cats (Thumper, Penelope and Karat) and two house bunnies (Graybun and Whitebun). They enjoy visits to our backyard by wildlife. Her bread and butter job is in the field of Environmental Health at Harvard University and her joy job is at Seacoast Canine. Cathy works as a Pet Caretaker and in this role she escorts her dog friends to/from camp, walk said dogs, and occasionally assist her colleagues in camp. In her free time Cathy enjoys playing board games, boating in Maine, gardening, astronomy and occasionally playing the violin.


Pet Caretaker

Jess is one of Seacoast Canine's dog walkers and playgroup attendants. She grew up in Byfield and is a graduate of Salem State University with a BA in Public History. Growing up she always had dogs in her household, and currently lives with three; Zoey, Jackson, and Dante. Jess has always had a passion for dogs and is very happy to be a part of the team working for Seacoast Canine!


Day Training

Includes 2-3 weekly practice sessions with the trainer and regular transfer sessions with both the owner and the trainer. Owners may attend practice sessions to observe, but the trainer’s focus will be on the dog until the transfer session.

Cost: $75/session

Board and Train

"Boot camp for dogs:" this highly effective method gets results quickly. Dogs receive daily exercise, excellent care, and multiple training sessions each day while living with the trainer. Owners receive an in-depth explanation of all training as well as transfer sessions to ensure the change is permanent. Board and Trains are also available in your home on a case-by-case basis. All board and train stays must be a minimum of 7 days; one free follow-up session given for each week in boot camp.

Cost: $150/day

Private Lessons

Traditional hour long coaching sessions with both the owner and trainer present.

Between sessions the owner is expected to practice the skills introduced by the trainer.

Cost: single session per week $85/session; multiple visits per week (2+) $75/session


Off Leash Pack Walk: $25
Solo Walk: $15

Pet Sitting

$75/day in your home
$60/day in sitters home
Note: If you’d like a pet sitter to visit more than 3 times daily there is a $20 charge for each additional visit.

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